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Hey, what's up! 👋

Thanks for checking out my site. I'm a freshman Computer Science/Business Administration student at USC. I love playing basketball, doing magic tricks, taking photos, and occasionally blogging. I'm an experienced iOS developer, and recently I've been learning more about web and backend development. I'd love if you check out some of my experiences and projects below.

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SparkSC ✨
Board Member

I'm working on initiatives that bolster the entrepreneurial spirit at USC and in LA.

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LavaLab 🌋

Currently working on a team of four as an engineer to build a full fledged tech startup.

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PostAI 🔷

A website intended to educate about the current state and future of an AI-powered world.

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MeetPass 💳

MeetPass is a digital business card app that makes it easy to share all your social accounts in one scan.

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Transcribe 🎤

A tool made for journalists that automatically transcribes interviews in real time.

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Flare 🔥

The location based question and answer app. Connect with your community by asking anything.

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